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【Main composition and content】

Vaccines containing swine fever cytotoxic.

【physical features】

This product is milky white spongy loose conglomeration ,easy away from the bottle, after add diluent quickly dissolve.


Used to prevent swine fever. Injection of 4 days, can produce immunity.After weaning,

No maternal antibody of piglet immune period for 12 months.

【Usage and dosage】

1,Muscle or subcutaneous injection. According to the label on the bottle indicate the head, Diluted with sterilized saline, No matter size pig all 1 ml.

2,In the absence of swine fever epidemic area, without maternal antibodies after weaning piglets, injection of 1 time. When infected threat, Piglets in the age of 21-30 days and 65 days? injection of 1 times.

3、 Before weaning piglets can? inoculate 4 head of vaccine, to prevent interference with maternal antibody.

【adverse reaction】

? None

【Matters needing attention】

1, Observed after inoculation, Allergic reactions may occur after inoculation, should be timely antiallergic drug injections.

2, The vaccine should be under 8 ℃ under the condition of refrigerated transport.

【 Specification 】

20 doses/vial; 40 doses/vial; 50 doses/vial;? 60 doses/vial;

【 Storage 】

2-8 ℃ preservation, valid for 24 months.

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